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About Me

In 2017 my family and I moved to the Netherlands and started our new life. We spent the first year adapting to this new reality and looking for our new, own and private "island" that will suit us as a family and allow me to provide the best service possible. Finally, in the summer of 2018 we moved into our new house with a special, dedicated area just for dogs. With a huge garden, perfect for training, playing Frisbee and just running around having fun. 

About 16 years ago I started my business that at first was focused solely on dog training. But as years went by the variety of services I provided got wider:

  • Dog Training: Successfully trained hundreds of dogs for the private sector. Provided dog training
    services based on the behavioural approach.
    The official dog trainer of the SOS Israel Pets Association (2011-2016)

  • Educational Programs: Initiated and developed dog training programs officially approved by the Ministry of Education as part of the agriculture studies and enrolled in tens of schools around Israel.
    Teaching the dog training profession to teenagers as part of their final exams. Program covered topics such as biology of the dog, psychology behavioural approach, animal behaviour and different practical dog training methods.

  • Service Dogs: Trained dogs for people with special needs and disabilities and worked together with
    the families to ensure maximum value.
    Initiated and operated a dog program with prisoners with both addiction problems and mental illness.
    The program won the National Best Program for rehabilitation of prisoners in 2012.

  • Employment Center for People with Mental Illness: A rehabilitation program that qualified people
    with mental illness for working in dog kennels.

  • Dog Farm: Managed and operated a dog kennel with a capacity of 100 dogs.

  • Dog Breeding: Breeder of the following breeds: Belgium Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Border Collie,
    Chocolate Labrador and Cavalier King Charles.

My Education

  • BSc in Marine Sciences and Marine Environment | 2000-2003
    Ruppin Academic Center, Israel

  • Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (first year) | 2005
    Bar-Ilan University

  • Advanced Canine Course – Introduction to dog show judgement | 2011-2012
    Hamidrasha – The official canine school of the Israeli Kennel Club (Israel’s FCI)

  • Basic Canine Course | 2009-2010
    Hamidrasha – The official canine school of the Israeli Kennel Club (Israel’s FCI)

  • Handler of a Service Dog – Training of dogs for special services | 2004-2005
    ASR – Ministry of the Science and of the formation to Russian federation

  • Introduction to Judgment of Working Dogs | 2004-2005
    Russian Sinology Federation

  • Kan Ramirez - Clicker Training seminar 2016

  • Kim Hechler – Protection Dogs seminar 2016

I'm excited to finally offer my services here, in the Netherlands, and start working again with dogs who I missed so much. 

I am happy to offer the services of:

  • 4 weeks boarding training 

  • Dog training lessons 

  • Boutique, home dog hotel 

Get In Touch Today

Nigtevechtseweg 35
Vreeland , 3633XR

+31 6 57595440

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